Honest is a project to provide small nonprofit organizations with pro bono graphic design work.

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The project will take place over the summer of 2016 and we’ll document the process in a short film. Through this project, we hope to explore what it means to create ethical design. Nonprofits, especially those without national reach or large budgets, often lack the ability to hire designers for much needed promotional materials. In order to communicate with and recruit donors, volunteers, and clients, nonprofit organizations need websites, annual reports, and a myriad of other designed materials. Unfortunately, great organizations with small budgets are forced to choose between funding their mission or investing in costly design services.

We’re currently securing funding for Honest, but any support or interest we recieve will help us to gain the necessary funds. If you'd like to be involved in any way, please reach out to us!

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For nonprofits

If you're a nonprofit looking for pro bono design work, we'd love to help out. Try to think of a specific problem we could address in one to two weeks. This could be a new set of forms, a simple website, or a few promotional materials.

For designers & studios

If you make design work for social causes, nonprofits, or political groups, we'd love to hear from you. We're hoping to interview designers about their process when dealing with social and political issues as part of our short documentary.

About us

Aiden Symes has a background in typography, which he combines with web design and digital media.

Matt Howard is a talented print designer with extensive photo and video experience.

Made by Honest, 2016.